Located Halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne

The perfect stopover while travelling and the ultimate pinball destination.

The Australian Pinball Museum features pinballs from a wide range of eras including Electromechanical, Solid State, Dot-Matrix-Display and LCD Monitor. There is over 50 years of pinball history on display and available to play. The Australian Pinball Museum showcases a large amount of original pinball advertising memorabilia such as original advertising flyers, posters, and promotional products.

Print Media Archive

The museum archive of magazines, flyers, and posters

The Australian Pinball Museum is dedicated to preserving the printed media related to pinball machines and other arcade machines. We are specifically interested in preserving Australian print media. The museum archives consists of hundreds of Australian arcade magazines, thousands of original pinball advertising flyers, and many original pinball promotional posters.

Museum Highscores

Highest scores obtained at The Australian Pinball Museum

Each year we record the highest scores on each machine. At the end of each year, the scores are added to this website, and the scores are cleared off the machines ready for a fresh new start in the new year.

Latest at the Museum

January 25th


This was the first machine from Williams to feature a round up-post between the flippers.

December 13th

Time to A-Go-Go to the pinball museum.

The 1966 pinball from Williams. This was the first machine to use a captive ball spinner. It features 2 sets of 2 flippers along the bottom of the playfield.

September 20th

KISS are back!

The new 2015 model from Stern Pinball. This is a limited edition version of KISS.

September 15th

Use the Force with Star Wars

A world under the glass. This pinball immerses the player within the original trilogy movies. This is a limited edition version of Star Wars.

August 24th


Sinbad was manufactured by Gottlieb in 1978. It features 4 flippers at the bottom of the playfield. This machine was released during the changeover of pinball technology from "Electromechanical" to "Solid State Electronics". The first 950 machines were made as ""EM", the other 12000 in the new technology, "SS".

Coming Soon!

X Force by Tecnoplay

Coming soon...

Late 1980's masterpiece by Italian pinball manufacturer Tecnoplay. Featuring a catchy soundtrack played through stereo speakers, 4 ball multiball, hidden targets that pop up from under the playfield, multiple ramps, and a funnel on the playfield.