Highest Scores at The Australian Pinball Museum.

The highest scores ever obtained at the Australian Pinball Museum so far... updated end of 2017.

Grand Champions
GameScoreNameYear Obtained
ACDC Back in Black325,875,550JC2016
Banzai Run3,437,200GJC2017
Bram Stokers Dracula2,051,846,430ED2017
College Queens---
Creature From The Black Lagoon915,981,650LDC2016
Fashion Show---
Fish Tales388,543,900MRX2017
High Speed---
Judge Dredd865,242,960LDC2016
Kiss Limited Edition236,083,190SARAH ALEX2017
Pinball Magic598,058,490PRM2017
Revenge From Mars417,120,860LDC2017
Rollercoaster Tycoon39,919,800KLR2016
Star Pool---
Star Trek231,276,520TCB2016
Star Wars Limited Edition947,097,390LYNDON2017
Student Prince---
Swords of Fury5,656,960RJM2017
The Simpsons16,652,150PMR2017
Top Score---
Twilight Zone---
WWE Wrestlemania192,524,170GPS2017
X-Men Magneto104,564,450LYNDON2017

Electro-mechinal pinballs and early solid state pinballs do not save high scores. When playing, take a photo and show a museum attendant for your highscore to be added to the list. All newer pinballs save highscores and will ask you to enter your initials.