2016 Pinball High Scores.

At the end of 2016, all pinball high scores are uploaded here, and all the pinballs high scores tables are reset ready for 2017. Some machines may not be included in this list because no one achieved a high score above the factory default scores.

The museum was being set up during the end of 2016, so some machines have low highscores as not many people had the opportunity to play them.

ACDC Back in Black Limited Edition (Stern 2012)
Grand ChampionJC325,875,550
High Score 1LYNDON153,423,290
High Score 2LYNDON142,888,730
High Score 3LYNDON124,712,100
High Score 4SIMON C121,664,410
Back in Black ChampionTWITCH17,965,000
For Those About to Rock ChampionLYNDON14,061,000
Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be ChampionLYNDON22,097,500
Hells Bells ChampionSIMON C35,166,000
Highway to Hell ChampionLYNDON28,928,500
Let There Be Rock ChampionLYNDON33,277,000
Rock n Roll Train ChampionSTEPHANIE12,258,500
Thunderstruck ChampionLYNDON15,091,000
TNT ChampionBRK11,952,410
War Machine ChampionLYNDON14,043,000
Whole Lotta Rosie ChampionJC13,441,500
You Shook Me All Night Long ChampionBOOZEY28,798,800
Song Jackpot ChampionJC39,188,000
Combo ChampionABC20 Combos
Bram Stokers Dracula (Williams 1993)
Greatest Vampire HunterLDC689,796,700
High Score 1LDC689,466,190
High Score 2LDC332,067,930
High Score 3AAA313,337,570
High Score 4DAV301,539,500
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)
Grand ChampionLDC915,981,650
High Score 1LDC627,653,210
High Score 2BRK509,807,440
High Score 3BRK436,062,440
High Score 4LDC405,885,080
Fish Tales (Williams 1992)
Grand ChampionCRL300,000,000
High Score 1JC279,648,280
High Score 2MDR250,000,000
High Score 3MAX225,000,000
High Score 4LDC204,894,700
Judge Dredd (Bally 1993)
Regular Game Grand ChampionLDC865,242,960
Regular Game High Score 1LDC611,015,360
Regular Game High Score 2JC600,059,470
Regular Game High Score 3LDC526,233,970
Regular Game High Score 4LDC501,934,190
Super Game Grand ChampionLDC1,083,925,910
Super Game High Score 1SDC478,919,900
Super Game High Score 2SJC440,833,020
Super Game High Score 3DAV359,003,500
Super Game High Score 4DAV351,250,700
Rollercoaster Tycoon (Stern 2002)
Grand ChampionKLR39,919,800
High Score 1LDC27,617,700
High Score 2LDC24,610,050
High Score 3BMW20,237,270
High Score 4KLR19,772,740
Star Trek (Stern 2013)
Grand ChampionTCB231,276,520
High Score 1LYNDON229,063,110
High Score 2LYNDON162,270,150
High Score 3BMW119,400,400
High Score 4BRK114,524,200
Combo ChampionLYNDON42 Combos
Warp ChampionLYNDON17 Warps
Medals ChampionTCB13 Medals
Swords of Fury (Williams 1988)
High Score 1LDC5,647,740
High Score 2AMK5,600,000
High Score 3 H 5,120,730
High Score 4KLR5,105,260
X-Men Magneto Limited Edition (Stern 2012)
Grand ChampionSDC39,818,510
High Score 1LYNDON29,953,010
High Score 2LYNDON29,745,790
High Score 3AWOODS26,895,720
High Score 4BRK22,335,270
Combo ChampSDC17 Combos