2017 Pinball High Scores.

At the end of 2017, all pinball high scores are uploaded here, and all the pinballs high scores tables are reset ready for 2018. Some machines may not be included in this list because no one achieved a high score above the factory default scores.

ACDC Back in Black Limited Edition (Stern 2012)
Grand ChampionDRE233,432,590
High Score 1GPS104,565,490
High Score 2LYNDON91,355,680
High Score 3SPM87,214,540
High Score 4LIZZY78,955,220
Back in Black ChampionPRM10,379,000
For Those About to Rock ChampionABC5,000,000
Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be ChampionBEN7,994,000
Hells Bells ChampionGPS20,096,000
Highway to Hell ChampionAID8,785,000
Let There Be Rock ChampionLYNDON28,772,000
Rock n Roll Train ChampionGEE9,483,500
Thunderstruck ChampionM S6,169,000
TNT ChampionDRE13,642,350
War Machine ChampionRJM12,059,000
Whole Lotta Rosie ChampionDRE26,992,500
You Shook Me All Night Long ChampionSPM17,022,200
Song Jackpot ChampionGPS43,200,000
Combo ChampionABC20 Combos
Aerosmith (Stern 2017)
Grand ChampionLYNDON346,247,880
High Score 1ROB BRITOS272,594,720
High Score 2LYNDON237,178,520
High Score 3RJM226,306,640
High Score 4MARK169,962,300
Combo ChampionKIM15 Combos
Bram Stokers Dracula (Williams 1993)
Greatest Vampire HunterED2,051,846,430
High Score 1TGC1,379,079,300
High Score 2MKK921,330,500
High Score 3SUN768,276,430
High Score 4LDC752,935,740
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)
Grand ChampionJBJ400,000,000
High Score 1DRF350,000,000
High Score 2CMP300,000,000
High Score 3PDH250,000,000
High Score 4TGC246,652,730
Fish Tales (Williams 1992)
Grand ChampionMRX388,543,900
High Score 1LDC359,291,030
High Score 2CRL300,000,000
High Score 3LDC269,704,190
High Score 4ZAC255,914,320
Biggest LiarPVA4 Fish and 4 Tales
Top Boat RockerLDC8 Rock Boats
Judge Dredd (Bally 1993)
Regular Game Grand ChampionXXX658,497,040
Regular Game High Score 1EDD545,677,170
Regular Game High Score 2TGC532,112,580
Regular Game High Score 3TGC408,723,510
Regular Game High Score 4XXX407,422,300
Super Game Grand ChampionDRE735,955,530
Super Game High Score 1LDC715,047,060
Super Game High Score 2TGC472,053,430
Super Game High Score 3CJN388,608,140
Super Game High Score 4AAA379,057,390
KISS Limited Edition (Stern 2015)
Grand ChampionSARAH ALEX236,083,190
High Score 1LYNDON179,111,030
High Score 2CER175,494,990
High Score 3LYNDON169,749,930
High Score 4CER157,619,010
Combo ChampionSARAH ALEX16 Combos
Playboy (Stern 2002)
High Score 1JAM117,068,880
High Score 2JEFF LAZOR89,694,890
High Score 3DMJ76,663,340
High Score 4JEFF LAZOR72,296,570
High Score 5DMJ72,296,570
Playboy ChampionAWW
Revenge From Mars (Bally 1999)
Grand ChampionLDC417,120,860
High Score 1ED399,129,240
High Score 2LDC349,424,710
High Score 3LDC342,112,900
High Score 4LDC329,001,690
Rollercoaster Tycoon (Stern 2002)
Grand ChampionMIC33,076,250
High Score 1PRM30,416,180
High Score 2PML18,500,000
High Score 3PRM16,965,420
High Score 4LDC16,053,380
Star Trek (Stern 2013)
Grand ChampionLYNDON204,237,320
High Score 1MK166,819,010
High Score 2LYNDON158,820,290
High Score 3PRM155,805,750
High Score 4GPS150,857,200
Combo ChampionMIN42 Combos
Warp ChampionLYNDON20 Warps
Medals ChampionLYNDON13 Medals
Star Wars Limited Edition (Stern 2017)
Grand ChampionLYNDON947,097,390
High Score 1LYNDON929,726,110
High Score 2LYNDON709,556,730
High Score 3LYNDON707,409,090
High Score 4KITTY707,012,920
Luke ChampionLYNDON947,097,390
Leia ChampionCAD577,033,530
Han ChampionMICHAEL C705,044,280
R2-D2 ChampionLDC682,549,710
Hoth ChampionFKC211,700,000
Death Star ChampionDAVID403,161,440
Tatooine ChampionMDK75,000,000
Endor ChampionAWS378,010,300
Combo ChampionLYNDON5 Combos
Tie Fighter ChampionLYNDON168 Tie Fighters
Hyperspace Multiball ChampionCAD8.81 PARSECS
Escape From Boba Fett ChampionCBE100,000,000
Video Mode ChampionKIM118,620,000
Lightsabre Duel ChampionLGT100,000,000
Jedi Multiball ChampionKME125,000,000
Swords of Fury (Williams 1988)
High Score 1RJM5,656,960
High Score 2AMK5,600,000
High Score 3RJM5,586,140
High Score 4RJM5,552,100
The Simpsons (Data East 1990)
The Best DudePMR16,652,150
Under-acheiver #1GEE11,131,020
Under-acheiver #2LDC10,552,430
Under-acheiver #3JEK9,000,000
Under-acheiver #4LDC8,673,140
Loop Back ChampionGEE17
Wrestlemania (Stern 2015)
Grand ChampionGPS192,524,170
High Score 1A181,750,130
High Score 2MICHAEL C177,404,960
High Score 3LYNDON169,227,730
High Score 4LYNDON163,423,450
X-Men Magneto Limited Edition (Stern 2012)
Grand ChampionLYNDON104,564,450
High Score 1LYNDON87,921,120
High Score 2ACE85,140,240
High Score 3 A62,386,730
High Score 4LYNDON61,071,460
Combo ChampLYNDON35 Combos

Raiden IIROB314,640
Snow BrothersROB1,103,250